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History of Temple of the Sacred Craft
  Coven of the Sacred Craft was founded in 1998 By Nancy Liedel and Gene Liedel. In May 2000, the Coven officially became a member of the Midwest Pagan Council, a group of covens and solitaries dedicated to serving the Midwestern Pagan community. Shortly afterwards, on 14 July 2000, Coven of the Sacred Craft became Temple of the Sacred Craft, a legally incorporated not for profit organization in the state of Illinois. Due to differences in opinons in the direction Midwest Pagan Council was going and which way it should go, TOSC withdrew membership in 2001. In 2008, the Temple held it's last ritual at the Imbolc and opened the circle for the last time.
  Rev. Eric Roberts took over as High Priest in May 2000. In December 2000, Nancy and Gene were forced to move out of state by a family emergency and resign their membership in the Temple. Candi Thomas then took the position of High Priestess. The Covenstead was then moved to Lisle from Mokena, as the coven leadership and most of the membership lived in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. In the Summer of 2001 Candi moved to the state of Florida. She passed the crown of the High Priestess on to Rev. Rachel Roberts at the Summer Solstice. At Samhain 2006, Rev. Roberts passed the mantle on to Rev. Bebe Holbrook.
  Temple of the Sacred Craft hosted Pagan Dinner in the western suburbs of Chicago for 5 years and 2 coffee socials for 7 years, as well a hosting public Sabbat celebrations throughout the year for it's entire 8 year history. We have also hosted events with other groups like the Chicago Romuva group and Pagan Pride. We have also been partipated in the Illinois Department of Transportation's "Adopt-A-Highway" program since 2001. We maintained a two mile stetch of Ogden Avenue in Naperville going from Washington Street to Kairns Road, just east of Naperville Road. We have also worked with Project Mercury since 2001 with their clothing drive to benefit a Chicago Area Battered Woman's Shelter. From what Project Mercury officials have said, the Pagan community is the biggest donor to the shelter! Because of the large influx of clothing, we had to look elsewhere to donate as the shelter could not store any more clothes.